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Sonic is the UK Distributor for Rupert Neve Designs and the home of Rupert Neve Designs UK. Mr. Rupert Neve is a pioneer of analogue mixing console design, a Technical GRAMMY winner and founder of Rupert Neve Designs. Many of Mr. Rupert Neve’s designs prior to the launch of Rupert Neve Designs, including the Neve 80 Series Consoles (8048, 8068, 8078 etc), the 1073 and 1081 modules as well as the original Focusrite ISA series hardware have become some of the most highly prized analogue recording equipment in the business. Rupert Neve Designs Inc., established in 2004, continues to add to that legacy, manufacturing products that embody the principles of very high musical quality that have become synonymous with Mr. Rupert Neve’s name over the years. Keep up-to-date with all the latest UK Rupert Neve Designs news, reviews and competitions via Recording Community, Sonic Twitter and Rupert Neve Designs UK News

Looking to buy Rupert Neve Designs hardware in the UK or try in your studio?

If you are based in the UK and wish to any audition Rupert Neve Designs hardware in your studio or purchase directly from Rupert Neve Designs, please contact Rupert Neve Designs UK on 0845 500 2 500 or e-mail Rupert Neve 5088 console is available to demo at Sonic Distribution in Hitchin. New for 2012 is the 5059 Satellite 16 x 2+2 Summing Mixer. Contact RND UK today and be one of the first in the UK to 'Sum Like It's Hot!'.

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