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Waves Audio Logo - Sonic Distribution UKSonic Distribution is the UK distributor for Waves Audio. Launched in 1992, Waves has grown into the world’s leading developer and supplier of software-based audio signal processing tools, while expanding to meet the demand for Waves plugins processing in hardware-based products. Used by professional recording and live engineers world-wide, Waves plugins' excellent sound processing quality and great UI design sets them in a class of their own. The Waves Audio mission is to develop and provide solutions that enable unparalleled sonic quality for all audio applications.

Looking to buy Waves today in the UK? Waves retailers in the UK are selected by us on their ability to offer customers high levels of knowledge, service and support. Contact us on 0845 500 2 500 or e-mail sales@sonic-distribution.com for the latest UK Waves dealers.

Waves Audio offer more than just plugins for recording studios, with a huge array of products designed specifically for live and educational markets too. With SoundGrid plugins made to work with a host of hardware like SoundGrid servers and DiGiGrid advanced interfaces, there is a wide array of options allowing you to use Waves Audio Plugins no-matter what your specific situation. If you need any help deciding what's best for you, contact us for clarification and to locate a local dealer.

Waves Studio Solutions

Waves offers a vast array of excellent DSP solutions for studio recording, from their critically-acclaimed 'Native' audio plugins (EQ, reverb, compression, modulation, limiting and much more) to powerful hardware DSP processors and audio network solutions from the likes of SoundGrid and DiGiGrid - running the 'SoundGrid' versions of Waves Plugins.

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Waves Live Sound Solutions

With hundreds of plugins available including EQ, reverb, compression, gating, limiting and more, Waves SoundGrid plugins are compatible with the best live sound consoles around, including Avid Venue, Allan&Heath and DiGiCo consoles. Expand on your live processing power with networked DSP servers from DiGiGrid and SoundGrid for live sound processing with Waves Plugins.

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Waves Audio DSP Network Solutions

If your requirements have outgrown what native processing can achieve, Waves offers digital Audio-over-Ethernet and real-time processing solutions; audio networks that increase your live plugin processing capabilities tenfold. Waves SoundGrid and DiGiGrid networking and processing solutions have revolutionised what is possible in both studios and the live sound arena.

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