Tim Morris talks sE mics

Tim Morris is a freelance studio engineer, producer, mixer and live sound engineer and has worked with the likes of Enter Shikari, Young Guns and Us Baby Bear Bones. In April 2012, Tim contacted Sonic Distribution via Twitter: "I own a few of your ribbon mics, which rarely leave my side! I would love to try out a few more bits and pieces of yours.".

Tim subsequently auditioned the sE Electronics T2, sE4400a and Voodoo VR2 ribbon mic via the Sonic Distribution loan service and decided to add the T2 and VR2 to his microphone collection. Here, Tim talks to sE about his career and gear:

“I started out by studying A-level Music Technology and recording demos for local bands in Brighton. I then moved on to study Music Production at Degree level, which subsequently led me into my first live job at a small club in Brighton. I then went on to work at a larger club where I started engineering for larger bands and picking up tours. In 2009 I decided to head back into the studio world after landing an engineering position at the renowned south London studio, The Dairy.

Alongside this position I began assisting Producer Dan Weller after being asked to help out on the mini-album 'Portraits' by the band Max Raptor, who I had been touring with. This led to me becoming Dan Weller’s main engineer. Since then we have worked on some very exciting projects including albums for Enter Shikari and Young Guns. Alongside this I work for Artspace Studios in Brixton as a freelance mix engineer. As well as continuing with live projects for the likes of Enter Shikari and Zola Jesus.”  

“I'm mostly using sE mics in the studio at the moment, especially the sE T2 (pictured on left). Also my Voodoo VR2 gets a good run most of the time. I originally started with a pair of the R1 Ribbons, simply because of the price. The sE Reflexion Filters are in use on almost every session I engineer vocals for. I loved the sE Rupert Neve RN17's when I got a chance to use them. I also loved the sE4400a's, and found them to be very versatile, a great go-to stereo pair for countless applications. Something about the weight in the lower-mids just excites me.”

"I'm finding myself leaning more toward the sE T2 for an incredibly big snare sound (pictured on left), that mic just works on drums! Although, it has to be said that experimenting with that mic definitely pays off! It loves transients, so on the cab when re-amping some synth and drum parts or with horn-stabs, it also works a treat. I used sE mics on both the Enter Shikari and Young Guns albums. I also used them on Olivia Sebastianelli’s album, on drums, guitar, percussion, flugel horn. You name it!” 


“I've recently been doing Production and Mixing on an E.P for Brighton based trio 'Us Baby Bear Bones'. Their music is very unique so I feel it deserves a unique approach my end. I've found that driving a synth bass through my little Orange micro-crush, with a sE Voodoo VR2 on it sounds amazing!”

If you are an engineer or producer based in the UK and wish to audition the sE Electronics T2 Titanium, sE Voodoo VR2 or any other sE Electronics or sE Rupert Neve microphones via the Sonic loan service, please contact Sonic Distribution on 0845 500 2 500 or e-mail sales@sonic-distribution.com.

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