sE Electronics Awarded U.S. Patent

sE Electronics have been awarded United States patent protection for their industry standard Reflexion Filter™ series of portable vocal booths. A patent had already been awarded in China and patents are pending in the E.U.

Patent No. US 8,191,678. An apparatus comprising a combination of a microphone and a composite acoustic panel. The composite acoustic panel comprises materials having different spectra of acoustic absorption. The materials may be integrated in a single layer or in a plurality of different layers.

Initial concepts for a portable vocal booth were conceived by sE Electronics’ founder Siwei Zou. sE officially launched the Reflexion Filter Pro six years ago. The first Reflexion Filter Pro subsequently started shipping and was an overnight success. To date sE Electronics have sold over 100,000 Reflexion Filter products worldwide with sales still growing rapidly.

sE Electronics‘ James Young puts the huge success of this product down to several key factors: “First of all, it’s one of those inventions which exactly hit the spot. There were so many people who desperately needed a proper solution to difficult recording spaces or conditions, but couldn’t either practically or financially afford to acoustically treat a custom recording room. How many of us spent our youth collecting egg boxes to stick to bedroom walls?! The Reflexion Filter resolved this problem on a commercial level for the first time and made those days a thing of the past.”

“Second, the product works! It is incredibly difficult to produce a viable recording space in such a small footprint. The Reflexion Filter uses sE’s patented technology to resolve this problem incredibly effectively, producing almost zero sound coloration, while taming the effects of room ambiance by removing direct source energy before it can be reflected.”

“And finally, the end users themselves have been the cornerstone for the success of the Reflexion Filter. There are a huge number of top producers, engineers, artists and studios who have lent their names to this product, because they use it, and it does its job perfectly. In a nutshell, if you want a portable acoustic treatment device that really works, there is only one choice for professionals - an sE Reflexion Filter.”

With producers and artists as diverse as Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Counting Crows), Stevie Wonder, Chris Porter (George Michael, David Bowie), Rik Simpson (Coldplay), Ricky Lawson (Michael Jackson), Simon Frangelin (Celine Dion, Avatar) and many, many more, who stand firmly behind the technical achievement and performance of the RF series, the Reflexion Filter is one of an elite group of pro-audio products which can truly be considered as an ‘industry standard.’

The message from sE Electronics is clear - innovation, performance, and great value for money. If you want a portable vocal/recording booth, use the professional’s choice: the Reflexion Filter.

Reflexion Filter Pro Full Spec.

Video: James Young - Why sE Reflexion Filters work and other 'Reflection Filters' don't.