Zero 180 Sound Studio Upgrade with sE Munro Egg

Michael Rhodes is a UK music producer and engineer. Michael’s studio, Zero 180 Sound Studio, is based in the village of Long Bennington, near Grantham (England). Michael talks to Sonic Distribution about his studio monitor journey.

“I made the decision to upgrade my studio monitoring about 2 years ago. The problem was that my studio monitors, the Alesis MK2 Active, were OK but resonance from the bass ports created problems at the low end of my mixes. Playback on other systems would give me a nasty surprise! I realised that ports on low budget reference monitors such as the Alesis MK2 was a bad idea. I looked at all the monitors around £1,500 to see what was out there. Well at the time not a lot. I decided I was better off sticking a pair of socks in my bass ports and mixing without the (fake) extended low end.“

“Then I read about the sE Munro Egg 150 and thought these look interesting but they are ported. Intrigued, I contacted the UK distributor for sE Munro, Sonic Distribution, and took advantage of their 7 day loan service. I remixed some material that I had produced on the Alesis monitors and the studio time saved was amazing. In some respects comparing the Eggs to my Alesis monitors was a bit like comparing a Macbook Pro to an old calculator, but I am sure you get the principle. I am delighted with the truth that comes from the Egg 150’s and so much so that I have featured them on my website ( with the tag line 'the listener hears what’s between your ears'."

Zero 180 Sound Studio offer professional mixing and mastering services for musicians, bands and Independent Record Labels. Moreover, they also offer a free trial service via the website. Michael: "Whether you’ve recorded a single track or an entire album, we provide online mixing and online mastering as well as CD mastering services. We cater for all music genres. If you have a recording and want to prepare it for release, please contact us. We also offer help and advice on Pre Production, so your recording gets off to the right start and you end up with a commercial quality release, that sounds like it did in your head."

If you are based in the UK and wish to audtion the sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring system in your studio, contact Sonic Distribution on 0845 500 2 500 or e-mail