Stephen Duffy's Magic Recording Studio

Stephen Duffy is currently working on a new LilacTime album for release in April 2013. Stephen talks to Sonic Distribution about his career and recent home recording studio upgrade with Apogee, sE Rupert Neve, sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs gear.

"I've been making music since starting Duran with Nick & John at Art college in 1978. I got to work in great studios before they started pulling out the old gear and putting in SSL's everywhere! I particularly loved the Fallout Shelter below Island Records with Stephen Street as the in-house engineer.

I've been lucky enough to have a long relationship with Air Studios (Oxford Street) where we made 'Music in Colors' with Nigel Kennedy and Air Studios (Hampstead) where I had a little set up that produced not only 'Lilac Time' albums but 'The Devils' with Nick Rhodes and a lot of the basic tracks for the 'Intensive Care' Robbie Williams album.

When I moved to Cornwall I thought I'd have a little basic project studio but after coming across the Apogee Symphony in combination with Rupert Neve Designs new outboard gear, I realised I could have a little bit of that Air magic at home. When I added the pair of sE Rupert Neve RN17's and the sE Gemini II everything sounded complete and better than I ever dreamed a home set up could have. It's actually a lot better than some of the pro studios I've battled with.

I go in through the Portico II Channel or the RND 5024 Quad Mic Pre and master out through the Rupert Neve Master Bus ProcessorSimple. I need to be able to switch from purely acoustic to completely electronic and every station between and this set up makes that easy."

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