Aston Microphones HALO Reflection Filter Unveiled at NAMM

Aston continues its mantra of creating simple, well engineered, quality products with its first reflection filter – the HALO. Following on from the Origin and Spirit microphone releases, they have released the effortlessly awesome Halo a reflection filter that breaks the mould of current designs.

In a market awash with differing versions of an ageing design concept, the Aston Halo is a huge leap forward in reflection filter technology. With up to 40% more surface area than competitors even before accounting for the ridges which almost double this again. Developed by some of the finest technical engineers and craftsmen in the UK the Halo uses latest patented acoustic materials and proprietary moulding techniques, which bring massively improved performance along with designer looks. The Halo has radically improved isolation from competitors, uses 360 degree filtering absorbing not only horizontally but vertically as well all whilst achieving more linear absorption.

The Halo is incredibly lightweight with proprietary easy mount hardware to ensure quick and effortless assembly. The perfect addition to buy with the Origin or Spirit, at an equally affordable price, Aston continue to provide world-class engineered products that won’t break the bank.

Find out more about the Aston HALO on the Aston Microphones website here.