Sonic Announce Cymatic Audio & J Rockett Audio Designs Partnerships


About Cymatic Audio

Cymatic Audio, established in 2013, is quickly getting noticed for its task-specific audio interfaces that virtually eliminate the complications inherent to most high-tech electronics. Its aim is to cut to the chase, simplifying the process and reducing the learning curve, while providing professionals with the necessary tools to produce high-quality work.

uTrack 24

24 tracks of simultaneous 24-bit recording @ 44.1/48 kHz, 8 tracks @ 96 kHz
24 Playback tracks, perfect for virtual sounds checks / band expansion
4x24 USB 2.0 computer audio interface; Windows, OS X, iOS
Synchronize up to 4 units for up to 96 tracks recording/playback

uTrack X32
32-Channel direct digital recording directly from your X32 mixing console, no computer or tablet needed
Simple one-button "Push and Go" user interface to record
32-Channel player, remotely controlled with uRemote software (Android, iOS, Windows, OS X

Live Recorder LR-16

16-track simultaneous recording (24-bit, 44.1 / 48 kHz)
Up to 13 hours of continuous multi-task recording
Records to standard user-supplied USB Hard Drive

Live Player LP-16

16 tracks of separate playback for virtual sound checks & band expansion
Ability to change playlists and insert / skip songs spontaneously and "on the fly" during playback
Playback from user-supplied USB thumb drive or hard drive in FAT-32 format

About J.Rockett Audio Designs

J.Rockett Audio Designs was firmed by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett in 2006 who are both accomplished session musicians. After years of dissatisfaction with available products both Chris and Jay decided to try and create products that fulfilled their exacting needs for superb tone and performance.
New for 2016 is the tour series pedal line, the smallest and most gig ready offerings Rockett have produced to date. The new Tour series includes the following:

The Hooligan

A powerful little pedal with a massive range of usable overdrive and fuzz sounds, from the subtle to the insane.

Blue Note

A simply brilliant low to mid gain drive for cut and dried Jazz/Blues players.

GTO (Guthrie Trapp Overdrive)

The latest design collaboration between J Rockett and Guthrie Trapp- from super mild to a really nice, dynamic overdrive feel, you can use it as a clean boost and EQ or you can really bring in the dirt.


The Tranquilizer is a uni-vibe, phase 45, leslie and general vibe box all-in-one. Using a vibe/phase control as well as a focus knob, amazing amounts of control are available to the player iving a range of stunning twirley, swirley, phasey goodness.