Waves Cobalt Saphira Plugin Launched

Waves Audio today announced the immediate availability of Cobalt Saphira, the first of a new Cobalt line of plugins.

Waves Cobalt Saphira offers increased digital control over harmonic distortion, allowing the option to add richer harmonics to tracks giving them analogue musicality, depth and "glue". Cobalt is available as a single plugin, as well as part of Waves' Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

After years of research into modelling and harmonic distortion, the all new plugin is a tool best used to define spaces in your mix providing depth and extra musicality. With seven harmonics modes, users have graphical representation enabling them to view the changes in the harmonic structure.

Achieving clarity and balance in a mix, Saphira can be used on a wide variety of genres and is described as the next level of controlling and generating harmonic distortion. Cobalt Saphira is currently available at an introductory price of £78.00 (normally £117.00) for a limited time only.

Take a look at the introduction to Waves Cobalt Saphira plugin in the video below:

Find out how to add analogue depth and glue to your mixes using Waves Cobalt Saphira in the tutorial below:


Click here to purchase Waves Cobalt Saphira now for £78.00 from Plugin Boutique